NXG is an esports platform that hosts three event formulas: Proving Grounds, Arenas, and Tournaments. We've designed our blend of esports event to cater to the amateur and semi-pro mass of gamers that could either look to earn a quick buck playing their favorite games, or invest in their statistics-oriented profile on their path to pro.

Our Proving Grounds formula is free-to-play, rewarding you with Stardust that you could use to enter the Arena, a skill-segmented matchmaking service that you could think of as a mini-Tournament. And finally, our Tournaments invite our community to compete and earn big prizes. While the best of the best is always well rewarded, we put a lot of our focus in offering the most democratic esports events for masses so that everyone's a winner regardless of their position on the leaderboards. For example, all participants in any event formula will always earn Stardust and XP. The points you'll have accumulated in your performances won't go to waste if you didn't win a golden chest in Arenas and Tournaments, because they're recorded into our Seasonal Leaderboard which could earn you rewards at the end of the Season. And last but not least, your performances are recorded and stored in your profile so you can showcase your ability under competitive pressure- this is your first "Gamer's CV". So make the most out of every event!

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