All you have to do now is wait until the tournament starts. You can always check the countdown on the Tournament's page to be reminded of the starting date and time. [calendar invite?]

Learn more about how to access the Tournament page here.

Before Tournament Date:

Meanwhile, you will also find on the details page the tournament dashboard and timeline, where you will be able to learn everything there is to know about the Tournament, ranging from rules, point system, prize pool, and more. Although most Tournaments have similar rules and regulations, some may differ, so make sure you always check the Tournament dashboard every time you register for one.

On Tournament Date:

When it's time to compete, you will find a "Ready" button on the Tournament's detail page that is now available for you to press. Once you are ready to start competing in the Tournament, just press the "Ready" button and start playing. You do not have to worry about sharing anything with us, we will automatically be recording your stats and performances, so you can focus on playing and enjoying the Tournament to the fullest!

[I think you should show off the tournament UX pre-tournament a bit more e.g. friends, SCs of timeline, dashboard..]

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