Step 1: Registration

Register to the Tournament of your choice.

Learn more about how to register for a Tournament here.

Step 2: Check-In

When the countdown to the Tournament start time is over, you will find a "Ready" button on the Tournament's detail page that will be available for you to press and confirm your attendance. [You have some time in hand before it becomes too late and you cant check in, but once you do...] all participants get the same window of time to compete and get match results.

Step 3: Competing

In NXG Tournaments, you are not directly playing in-game against other Tournament participants, instead, everyone is playing regular (casual or ranked, depending on the Tournament rules) matches where you will be awarded points based on your performance. While playing, you do not have to worry about sharing anything with us, we will automatically be recording your stats and performances, so you can focus on playing and enjoying the Tournament to the fullest!

[Learn more about how we track stats?]

Step 4: Prizes

At the end of the Tournament, participants are ranked on a leaderboard based on the number of points they earned while competing. Everybody that participated in the Tournament will receive a chest containing Stardust, but only winners will also find Gravity Points as well.

Learn more about NXG currencies here.

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