NXG has two different digital currencies on the platform: Gravity Points (GP) and Stardust (SD).

Gravity Points or 'GPs' is NXG's main currency. It can be used to buy tickets to participate in NXG events such as Arenas or Tournaments and can be converted to real money and withdrawn at any time (1 GP = $1.00).

The only way to earn GP is by winning Tournaments and Arenas.

NXG's secondary currency is called Stardust or 'SD', and it is awarded to players for participating in NXG events and engaging with features e.g. Level up, complete achievement, login daily, and more!

SD can not be withdrawn into real money, but it can buy you an Arena ticket which in turn could reward you with GPs which you could withdraw. So, why not try playing our Proving Grounds regularly to accumulate enough SD fast enough to get another go at the Arenas?

[Learn more about PG here]

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